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A teacher helps students acquire knowledge. One who prepares students for the future by giving them the tools they need to succeed in education. Mr. Roblesz is much more than a teacher, he’s an inspiration. Not only does he give his students the tools to succeed, but he gives us hope, he supports us and he cares for us. When I think of a teacher who has changed my life it’s him, from the time I was in middle school till now years later Mr. Roblesz supports me and inspires me and when my kids are old enough I want them to attend a school where he teaches. Every teacher can teach, but not many can motivate, inspire or care for their students like Mr. Roblesz.

- Tiffany

(far left)

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Mr Roblesz’s time as my teacher not only had an indelible impact on me but on the rest of the students he has taught. As young people of color growing up in the inner-city, many of us have never experienced having a black male teacher, but Mr Roblesz was that for us. Mr Roblesz saw his students as humans and not as just test scores, which too often educational systems and school leaders see students as. By virtue of his own willingness to connect with the innocence and curiosity of his young students, he has been able to pull out the positive characteristics that we as students already possessed, but didn’t know we had. He is an amazing teacher and mentor. And I am better for it. 


(far right)

Mr. Roblesz was an exceptional teacher when I was a student at Achievement First. Not only did he inspire me to learn more and more every day, but he also made lessons fun and Exciting. I can say if I didn’t understand something he would make sure he spent as much time as possible helping me get it. Being a younger teacher he was able to relate to us more which made being his student enjoyable. Even after I graduated he kept in touch with me and supported my endeavors. Everyone in my class loved Mr. Roblesz, I would tell anyone to take his classes!!


(2nd from right, above)

I am the mother of 3 children who back to back had Mr. Roblesz as a teacher. As a single mother that worked 2 jobs, he knew that and made sure he kept me up to date on the children’s assignments, he kept me updated on any issues and he was always on point with everything. Whenever  I had any concerns about my children, he would take his personal time to return my call and answer any questions I had. He is intellectual and inspiring and I thank God every day for him. He helped me single-handedly keep my children on the right path. Because of him all of my children are now college students. One who finished her bachelor's on the road to law school, the second is in college to be a social worker, and my youngest is in school to become a doctor. He made it his mission to develop a relationship with the parents of his students. My kids really love him and for that I’m thankful. 


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Mr. Roblesz is a teacher who always seeks the good out of students. He jokes with students but he does it out of love so that he can connect with them and help them get the education they need. He helps students tap into the level of knowledge the students didn’t think they had. I am saying this out from my past experience and many more student out there. At first, I didn’t like math, I didn’t want anything to do with it. But he changed that, he made me better in math, helped me when needed and didn’t judge me if I had gotten it wrong. That is the type of teacher Mr. Roblesz is.

-Alex C.




Professor Roblesz has done so much to help me gain the skills that I need to be proficient in mathematical assignments. If it wasn't for him, I am sure that math would still be a complicated subject for me.  I continuously thank God every day for allowing me to cross the same path with Mr.Roblesz because he is who pushed me to believe that I can succeed in math. Not once did he doubt me in the way that I would present my work but he guided me. He worked with me to ensure that I understood assignments and I was able to use mathematical steps in the right way to receive my answers. Mr. Roblesz saw my potential, I began to believe in myself and I actually started to enjoy math. This led to continuous participation in class discussions and efforts to wanting to help others gain the same love for math as much as I did.

-Rose J.

Being in the presence of Roblész inspired me to be a better teacher in extraordinary ways on multiple levels. From the way he interacted with students, day to day, to the way he delivered concepts, which were relatable and digestible for diverse learners. Roblész is the embodiment of the quote, “It’s not what you do, but how you do it.” With math being a daunting subject for many, he showed me strategies to improve my delivery of content, and how to make it relatable and understandable for our students. He implemented events and activities that made math a part of the culture within our school. He sparked a shift from the traditional teaching of facts and rules to learning how to engage students to be interested in learning. If anyone is interested in learning how to master the art of delivering mathematics, Math N' More is definitely the way to go!

-Miss. J. Parks




Mr. Roblész is the teacher/leader we all want to be.  He thinks outside the box, multi-tasks better than anyone I have worked with (I have been teaching ESE for over 20 years), is resourceful, calm, and truly the definition of a team player. The numerous and unique modalities he has in every weekly lesson plan are astounding.  He is able to reach our Gifted as well as our ESE kiddos who need much support in the same lesson.  The students gravitate towards his positive energy and truly want to do well, not only for themselves but to make Mr. Roblesz’ proud.  Any and all staff would see how large of a positive impact he will have instantly.  

-Ms. C. Walker

I had the pleasure of not just working with, but learning from

Mr. Roblész. He is a consummate professional who dedicated his life to his career and students. He was a committed lifelong learner who stayed current on educational trends in order to bring about innovative practices and strategies within his classroom.  Mr. Roblész is more than a teacher though, he was an honorable role model, and at times, a father figure to all of his students. I would trust my own children and family members' children to the care and tutelage of Mr. Roblész. He has made a lasting and positive impact on my life; I've witnessed him firsthand do the same for other colleagues of ours and students. I highly recommend Mr. Roblész for all of your math, ESE & 504 needs. You will not be disappointed. -Ms. Stephens

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Math N' More

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