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About our Founder


Mr. Christopher Roblész, M. A. Ed

Founding Chief Educational Officer 

Dr. Christopher Roblész, the Founder and CEO of Math N’ More, is an experienced Mathematics enthusiast. Commencing his career in NYC in 2009 as a math interventionist, he has contributed to Math communities across the East Coast.

Throughout his educational career, Dr. Roblesz has undertaken various roles, including Math Interventionist, Network Math Specialist, Special Education Director, and School Administrator. When Dr. Roblész worked at SEED Miami, he achieved groundbreaking results as the 9th-grade cohort witnessed an outstanding 111% increase in passing scores on the Algebra 1 EOC within a single school year.

Approximately 60% of scholars attained Satisfactory – Mastery, surpassing both Miami Dade County Public Schools and the State of Florida on the Algebra 1 EOC (End-of-Course) exam. Dr. Roblész possesses a profound passion for Mathematics, holding professional teacher certification in Mathematics and Special Education across various states. He recently completed his Doctorate in Education from the University of Miami in Applied Learning Sciences, Application of Metacognition in a Secondary Mathematics Classroom.

Beyond his dedication to education, Dr. Roblész enjoys flying and traveling, with his preferred vacation spot being Grand Turks.

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